10 Good Signs it’s Time For You to Invest in SEO Strategies


According to the Local Search Association, 36% of consumers begin their local search via a search engine, in order to get the information they want. Today’s online business owners must have a professional website to market their business brand, however, more importantly they must have strategies in place for attracting incoming traffic to their website, these strategies being SEO.

So how do you know if your SEO strategies are effective enough? Here are 10 good signs that it may be time for you to invest in updating or obtaining new SEO strategies:

1. Your Business Website isn’t Ranking Among Search Engines

If you’re unable to find your own website through a quick search via search engines (on the first page or second page etc.), you have an SEO issue.

2. Your Website is Not Mobile Friendly

Most of today’s consumers use their mobile devices to access information on the web,so if your website is not mobile friendly you are hindering SEO potential.

3. Your Website is Not Targeting the Right Audience

If your website is attracting traffic, but not the right audience for converting interest into sales, it’s time to revisit your SEO strategies.

4. Your Website Rankings Have Dropped

If you have noticed that your website rankings have dropped, it could be a result of not meeting the latest requirements of the algorithms set out by popular search engines, such as Google.

5. You Aren’t Using High-Ranking Keywords

Failing to use popular and relevant keywords can have an adverse affect on SEO performance.

6. You Aren’t Posting Fresh and Relevant Content

If you aren’t regularly posting fresh and relevant content on your site, your SEO performance will suffer negative consequences.

7. Your Conversion Rates are Lower

If you’ve noticed your conversion rates have been lower than usual, it could be a sign that your SEO strategies need tweaking.

8.Your Website Does Not Include Social Media

Social media offers great SEO opportunities,so if your website does not currently include integration to social media channels, you’re missing out.

9.You Aren’t Tracking SEO Results

If you have been neglecting tracking your existing SEO strategies, to monitor their overall effectiveness, you could very well be causing more harm than good when you make changes.

10. The Competition is Ranking Ahead of You

If you have noticed that your competitors are ranking higher than your website in the search engine results, it is likely that your SEO needs help.

Your business success, now and in the future, relies heavily on effective SEO strategies so it’s critical to monitor and regularly tweak existing SEO strategies, and adopt new ones, to keep up with today’s ever-changing world of SEO.