4 Convincing Reasons to Use Mobile Website Design

Use Mobile Website Design

If you have a standard professional-looking website, but don’t have one built with mobile website design, you are definitely restricting your businesses potential for greater ROI. With the steady number of people using mobile devices to access information, websites not optimized for mobile are not meeting the needs and expectations of today’s Internet users.

Need some convincing before choosing to use mobile website design? Here are 4 convincing reasons which will make you wonder why you didn’t build a mobile-friendly website sooner:

1. Mobile Use Continues to Grow, Surpassing Desktop Use

As mobile devices continue to grow in popularity, showing no signs of slowing down in consumer use, much of today’s online search is conducted via mobile devices. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, chances are visitors will move on to another competitor’s site, which is optimized for mobile, as it is easier to navigate and interact with the features.

2. Enhances SEO Rankings

Given that Google favors websites which enhance the user experience, those who implement mobile website design for their sites are rewarded with higher search rankings than those using standard website design.

3. Increases Traffic

With so many people, nowadays, using their smart phones as a means for sourcing information they need, as well as for purchasing desired items, it makes sense to design for mobile as a means of increasing incoming traffic to your online business.

4. Increases Conversion Rates

If you have an interest in increasing your conversion rates, you will want to consider building a mobile website. In order for successful mobile user conversions to occur, you need to be able to provide a website people can easily view, engage and interact with,considering various screen sizes and types of mobile devices.

It’s clear to see that mobile search is continuing to exceed that of desktop search and that popular search engines, such as Google, are completely on board with websites enhancing the mobile user experience, so you have to ask yourself, what reasons do you have for not using mobile website design?