4 Obvious Signs Your Outdated Website is Costing Your Business Revenue

Obvious Signs Your Outdated Website is Costing Your Business Revenue

First impressions matter, especially when it comes to online digital marketing for modern-day businesses. Nowadays, companies have to work hard to sway online users to do business with them, rather than their competitors, and to do this they need to make sure their online presence is on par with today’s digital marketing standards.

If your company’s website hasn’t been updated in quite some time, it’s likely that you have an outdated website on your hands, which is costing your business valuable revenue. Here are 4 obvious signs your outdated website needs some attention now:

1. Website Is Not Mobile Friendly

Most of today’s consumers access their mobile phones in order to source out products/services they wish to obtain, so if your website is not mobile friendly you are missing out on a lot of business revenue you could have had.

2. Uncompressed Image Files

Enhancing the user experience is key to attracting and retaining site visitors, so if your website still includes large uncompressed image files, your website will definitely be slower to load, which will only result in frustration for your website visitors.

3. Broken Links

If your current website has a number of broken links or pages that lead to 404 errors, then you definitely have an outdated website. Website visitors go to websites to obtain information they are after and if they are faced with broken links they will leave your site frustrated, and have the impression that your website is either out of business or very unprofessional.

4. Old Content

Online users and popular search engines like Google expect websites to include fresh, relevant content. If your current website is filled with overstuffed keywords and outdated content, it is likely that your website is encountering high bounce rates and a big drop in search engine rankings.

Websites over the years have transformed beyond what website visitors used to “see” to what websites visitors can now “use”. If you want to make sure you’re not sacrificing business revenue, you need to work on shifting your outdated website to be a website that meets the demands of today’s online consumers, and popular search engines.