4 Ways Voice Search Can Have an Impact on Your Website Marketing Strategies

Google Voice

When it comes to search via internet search engines, such as Google, people tend to see the process as typing in information within the search window and clicking on “search.”

With advancements in technology over the years, the functionality of internet search has become more sophisticated, in that internet users can now also use their voice to execute search inquiries within Google.

If your website is not already optimized for voice search, you may want to consider doing so, as it can have an impact on your website marketing strategies. Here are 4 ways voice search provides such impact:

1. Keyword Search Is On The Decline

With the growth in Voice search, keyword search is on the decline and in its replacement are voice initiated full questions in the form of sentences. This change in search behavior is resulting in a decrease in website traffic and user engagement for website owners not optimized for voice search.

2. Content Will Need A Conversational Tone

Given that user voice search queries are formed using natural language, website content should mirror this by using a conversational tone.

3. Semantic Context Prioritized Over Keywords

According to a Forbes contributor, Jason Demers, websites which are able to match the meaning behind users search queries via semantic context, versus search query keywords, are likely to be rewarded in terms of search rankings among search engines using voice search.

4. Voice Search Is Quicker And More Efficient

Website owners optimized for voice search, with content that includes direct answers to specific questions asked by users, will increase their chances of becoming more authoritative as a website. The more authoritative a website is, the greater the odds of it becoming one of the top sources for providing specific answers, which results in higher rankings.

The benefits of voice are apparent for both Internet users and website owners alike. Search users are able to quickly and accurately find the information they’re after using voice search versus manual typing of queries. Websites which are optimized for voice search will likely be perceived as being more authoritative and as such will be rewarded with higher search rankings than sites which are not.

By incorporating voice search, you can ensure that your website marketing strategies are in sync with future advancements, such as voice search.