4 Web Design Trends to Consider in 2017

4 Web Design Trends to Consider in 2017

While trying to keep up with web design trends that change year after year may seem a nuisance, it is rather important to do so in order to ensure your website is current for today’s standards.

Web design trends to consider in 2017 include the following 4 design elements:


In 2016, duotone was the popular trend in color choice for web designers. This year, the trend will continue to rise in popularity.  In the design guidelines set out by

Google’s Material Design, their list of color options and color combinations are often referred to by Web designers, so check these guidelines to see what is popular for 2017.

    Big, Bold, Unique, And Creative Typography

    A big Web design trend (literally) in 2017 is the use of big, bold, unique, and creative typography, in combination with the strategic use of negative space on pages.

    Unique And Realistic Photography

    Long gone are the days when it was acceptable to use stock photos throughout your website. Nowadays, online users want a more unique and realistic experience, and they expect that website imagery falls in alignment with their expectations.

    How-To Videos

    While not necessarily a new trend, the use of how-to videos on websites continues to be a popular way to engage site visitors, and will continue to be a popular Web design trend in 2017.

    While it is beneficial to keep up with the latest in web design trends, it is important to remember you don’t necessarily need to include every web design trend that comes along.  Understand the needs of your business brand and your target audience first, then apply web design trends based on these needs.

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