5 SEO Strategies that Help to Boost Online Conversions

SEO Strategies

Having good SEO strategies in place is essential for any online business’ e-Commerce success, as they help to generate incoming traffic and boost online conversions.

With popular search engines like Google consistently updating their algorithms in the interest of ensuring website owners are providing the best user experience possible to website users, online businesses need to optimize their sites for SEO, or risk loss of traffic and sales.

Here are 5 SEO strategies that can help lead to higher rankings among search engines, increase traffic, and enhance online conversions:

1. Conduct Keyword Research

When it comes to incorporating keywords to website homepages and product pages, it is important to conduct keyword research to ensure that keywords are neither too competitive,nor too broad in context. Keywords should be as relevant as possible to a company’s brand and products, and site pages should not be overstuffed with keywords.

2. Improve Page Loading Speed

Slow page loading on websites can be caused by a number of factors, such as site errors, redirects, viruses, etc. It is important to regularly check for potential website latency issues,in order to prevent increases in bounce rates, resulting in loss of conversions.

3. Improve Site Navigation

Designing websites with easy-to-use navigation, combined with strategically placed keywords on landing pages and product pages, works well for enhancing SEO and improving conversion rates.

4. Add A Blog

A great way to incorporate additional keywords to boost search rankings, and in turn online conversions, is to add a Blog to a website. Optimizing new blog posts with new and relevant keywords (which are not included on the main pages of the website),maximizes the use of available and desirable keywords.

5. Be Mobile Friendly

Mobile optimized websites are favored by Google,and as a result, rank higher in their search engine results. Mobile friendly websites with high search rankings are in a better position to receive large volumes of incoming traffic, and have greater odds for conversions.

Through the use of effective SEO strategies, online companies can boost their online conversions significantly, resulting in healthy ROI. It is important for site owners to keep up on the latest search engine algorithms, popular keywords, and SEO strategies, as digital marketing is always on the move.