Considering Upgrading to Shopify Plus? These 9 Advantages Prove It’s a Good Idea to Do So

shopify plus

Over 500,000 online stores are powered by Shopify, illustrating just how well respected it is as an e-commerce software platform solution. If you are one of the many who currently use Shopify to power an online shop and enjoy its ease-of-use and extensive list of functionalities,plus you are a large enterprise store, you may want to consider upgrading to Shopify Plus.

If you’ve got a large enterprise shop, with large volumes of customers and transactions,Shopify Plus can provide you with these 9 advantages:

1. Hosted Solution

With Shopify Plus you have peace of mind knowing their servers are hosted and managed with the reputation of keeping their servers’ uptime of 99.99%.

2. Very Fast Server Speed

When you have large volumes of transactions and traffic spikes, you need extremely fast server speed and Shopify Plus delivers this capability.

3. PCI Level I Compliant

No need to undergo the expensive and time-consuming task of making your website PCI level I compliant, as Shopify is already PCI level I compliant.

4. Enhanced Fraud Detection And Reporting

With Shopify Plus, you can protect your business and the customers you serve with its enhanced fraud detection reporting capabilities.

5. Multiple Store Cloning At No Extra Cost

A big advantage to upgrading to Shopify Plus is the ability to have up to 11 stores, all for the cost of one monthly fixed plan price.

6. Unlimited Admin Accounts

With no cap on how many admin accounts you can have,Shopify Plus gives you the ability to build your admin team to meet your business needs.

7. Low Transaction Fees

Shopify Plus includes low transaction fees of only 0.15% charged per transaction.

8. Customizable Checkout

Another advantage to upgrading to Shopify Plus is the ability to customize the checkout for brand consistency and enhanced user experience. Some features include address auto complete, creation of custom fields (ex. personalized thank you message) and social logins.

9. 24/7 Service And Support

Shopify Plus customers receive exclusive service and support with a dedicated Merchant Success Manager to assist with any issues.

If these 9 advantages have not yet convinced you to upgrade to Shopify Plus, but you’re still intrigued, consider consulting with a Shopify expert such as to see whether or not it’s a suitable solution for your company.