Get Ahead of the Competition: Know What To Expect From Magento Trends in 2018

Know What To Expect From Magento Trends in 2018

If you’re one of the many businesses who use Magento for its powerful marketing abilities, useful management tools, and powerful SEO capabilities for the operation of your e-commerce business,then you will want to know what to expect from Magento trends in 2018.

Magento introduced some improvements to their software platform last year, resulting in positive impact for e-commerce business owners and their site visitors (increase in website speed and usability). In 2018, here are some trends for what to expect from Magento websites:

• Chatbots

AI (artificial intelligence) is steadily becoming more popular among online businesses that wish to gain a better understanding of what consumers want and how to best provide customer service.Magento users will be looking to implement Chatbots via their mobile and desktop versions of their websites.

• Optimized Delivery Methods

Magento has been implementing new and improved extensions, which relate to the optimization of the shipping process for consumers. By enhancing the shipping process and turnaround time for online shoppers, conversion rates will only improve for Magento e-commerce business owners.

• High-Quality Video

The use of high-quality video (live action, animations, and cinema graphs) continues to rise in popularity as a strategic means to attract consumer attention, effectively convey the business brand, and present product information to customers.

• Highly Personalized User Experience

Businesses with Magento websites are going to be placing more emphasis on providing a highly personalized user experience, as an effort to sway customers away from other competitors and improve customer retention rates. One of the most valuable Magento tools available for Magento e-commerce business owners is modular reporting (available via Magento 2).Through the use of modular reporting extensions, products can be added or removed from view based on consumers likes and dislikes, resulting in a much more personalized user experience.

Magento continues to be one of the most popular and used CMS platforms available to online business owners around the world, and making sure to know what to expect from Magento in 2018 and years to follow will help Magento e-commerce business owners leverage their websites to push their businesses to higher levels.