How to Generate Multiple Leads from Multiple Websites

lead generation

Lead generation is no easy task these days, due to the highly competitive nature of online marketing. There are a number of strategies out there for generating multiple leads, ranging from adding additional landing pages, adding pay per click advertisements, using convincing call to action buttons, and many more.

One strategy that online businesses may be overlooking is a technique involving building multiple websites,in order to generate multiple leads. Although some may find this means of generating multiple leads a time intensive and perhaps a costly way of getting the job done, it can be a highly effective strategy with good long term results.

Once you have your primary website built, you can essentially use this site as a template for your other sites and modify the other multiple sites to provide some variance that can appeal to different types of targeted audiences (example, young audience versus older audience).

Nowadays, there are many cost-effective web design software platforms out there to choose from (many of which are open sourced and cost nothing). By using a low-cost/no-cost software platform to build your multiple sites and using your primary site as your template for building the additional websites, you end up with a cost-effective and time saving way of generating multiple leads, which in turn bring forth healthy ROI.

Building multiple websites enables you to target not only different types of audiences, but also increases conversion rates. With multiple websites, you will have multiple landing pages which create further opportunities for you to convert your website visitors into customers. In addition, these additional landing pages on your websites will be indexed by the big search engines, such as Google, enhancing SEO and user experience.

Online businesses that choose to generate multiple leads from multiple websites are making the most out of their marketing budgets. Each website that is built generates its own set of leads and with other lead generation tools added to each site, such as social media, the possibility for multiple lead generation can be countless.