The Advantages of Using AngularJS for Your Next Web Application Project

The Advantages of Using AngularJS

Many years ago, HTML was the champion in producing static pages and documents on the Internet but with the leaps in software development over the years web applications came into fruition changing the web landscape from static to dynamic and interactive.

As far as new gen frameworks go,AngularJS has become one of the most popular options for building dynamic applications. What exactly isAngularJS? Simply put,AngularJS is a JavaScript framework which can be used to build web applications which are complex in nature and are data loaded.

Here are some of the advantages of using AngularJS for your next web application project:

• There are multiple ways to go about doing the same type of tasks, which is a benefit in that it can accommodate a variety of development styles programmers may have, etc.
• Significantly less coding is required for Developers,as a result of data binding and automatic DOM manipulation
• AngularJS is built by Google, and has a large community of skilled and knowledgeable Google engineers available for supporting developers with any challenges they come across
• AngularJS strings together MVC components, eliminating the need for programmers to split MVC components and create code to connect components together (great timesaver)
• Extensive features including routing, view orchestration, animations, and dependency injections, to name a few
• No need for additional plug-ins or other frameworks
• AngularJS is unit testing ready, as it is linked together by Dependency Injection, making unit testing much more efficient than traditional means of testing Web applications, via the development of individual test pages

Whether your next web application project involves developing a video streaming application, a travel app, or even an e-Commerce site,AngularJS is a powerful framework from which to develop your web applications project, and if you are a Developer looking at ways to save money and/or time,AngularJS is a great solution.If you’re still not convinced that AngularJS is the right development tool for you, consider reviewing some of the tutorials available on the Internet to get a greater understanding of its benefits and uses.