Top Ten B2B Internet Marketing Strategies You Need to Know About

Top-Ten-B2B-Internet-Marketing-Strategies-You-Need-to-Know-About (1)

With 2016 nearing the end, marketers are evaluating what strategies worked well for them this year and researching what internet marketing strategies might be trending for 2017. By incorporating effective marketing strategies, both old and new, you raise the possibility of surpassing your competition and generating the best ROI possible.

Let’s take a look at the top ten B2B Internet marketing strategies out there:

1. Site Personalization

This Internet marketing strategy involves tailoring your website products and services to meet what your customers want (based on previous buying history, different demographics etc.).

2. E-Mail Marketing Channels

Personalized e-mail marketing is an effective means of reaching out to existing and future customers. Examples of e-mail marketing channels that assist in improving business ROI range from general e-newsletters, to loyalty appreciation e-mails and special offers.

3. High-Quality Content

An extremely important internet marketing strategy that cannot be overlooked is the inclusion of high quality and relevant content on your website. This means honing in on targeted audiences and using emotion to connect your business brand to potential consumers.

4. Video And Live Video

The use of video to advertise the business brand and communicate brand messaging to potential buyers is a creative and effective use of B2B Internet marketing. Using live video elevates the user experience and engagement that much more.

5. Mobile Apps

Creating a mobile app for your business encourages regular interaction between your business brand and consumers, which in turn helps to build consumer trust and boost sales.

6. Location-Based Marketing

The steady rise in wearable technology and mobile devices makes location-based marketing a rising marketing strategy trend. By targeting relevant advertisements to consumers wherever they are at any given time, businesses are able todynamically meet the needs of consumers and boost the business ROI.

7. SEO

Out of all B2B Internet marketing strategies, you must include SEO services. This will involve using relevant/trending keywords, regular SEO analysis and updating.

8. Backlinks

By including relevant backlinks in your content to trusted and relevant sites you can significantly improve your search ranking performance on all of the major search engines.

9. Social Media

A cost-effective and powerful way of marketing your business brand to targeted audiences. Social media integrated with other marketing initiatives can produce greater ROI.

10. Marketing Automation

With so many different social media channels out there, marketing automation software has become an essential tool for marketers. Marketing automation can save both time and money by helping automate repetitive social media tasks.