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Social Media Marketing Seattle

Social Media Marketing Seattle

Social Media Optimization is the process involving creation and maintenance of social media profiles for businesses and organization in order to generate a huge following on the social network and hence, diverting a good chunk of traffic to the business website.

Social media is the current trend in the market. It has carved a big portion for itself in the online marketing arena. The optimization or prolific use of the medium has become a necessity for many reasons that have led to its stupendous growth.

Why use Social Media Marketing?

  • Almost 80% of Americans use social media sites.
  • 25% of the total time spent online is on social networks.
  • 40% American users surf social media sites using Smartphone and similar other devices.
  • 98% young adults access social media sites in the U.S.
  • It improves br and visibility.
  • It ensures free Website Traffic.
  • It ensures quality and quantity inbound links

Nirvana US is a social media expert who has channeled its specialized resources to establish br ands and promote businesses on the high ranking and high traffic social networks across the Internet. Our services span across the best social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and similar others.

For more details about our social media services or to accelerate your br and promotion efforts on the best social networks, contact us today!

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